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TELRESOURCE | 24 Years of Experience

All-in-One Expense Management Firm

We are forever changing the way businesses save money

TelResource – 24 Years of Experience

Our Core Services

TelResource takes a holistic approach to your business with the ability to look at any vendor contracts, telecom contracts, invoices and more for places to optimize spend, increase efficiency and save money.

Let us prove it to you with our contingency based telecom service first, a risk free, no-charge consultation to show you why we could save you thousands upon thousands.

Telecom Expense Management

An easy, contingency based savings analysis to show you where you can save money now.

All in One Reporting

An easy birds-eye, centralized report of everything all in one.

Complete Expense Management

A complete look at all vendor contracts, invoices and any other expense/contract to see where you can save.

True Partner Integration

We work well with others. We believe in enhancing jobs not eliminating them. Your team is our team.

Expense Management
Team Collaboration
100% Cloud & Mobile
Superior Analytics
Powerful Integrations

We’re TelResource: a cost advisory firm that takes your business to the next level with incredible savings.

Have you ever tried to outsource your telecom expense management and were disappointed or felt you could do a better job yourself if you had the time?

Or given the responsibility to your employee who lacked the training to do a great job?

Or been given the responsibility of project, vendor or expense report management but have no idea what to do?

TelResource will apply its unique expertise and work closely with your existing team to help you grow.  We are not trying to replace anyone.

We want to help you save money, make money, and reach new heights together.

TelResource Philosophy | 24 Years of Experience

"A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned"

Larry Gomez the president and founder of TelResource believes in honor, respect and keeping to his word with everything especially business.

Our philosophy at TelResource is multi-faceted and puts the client alongside family and treats them as such.

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The Difference with TelResource

Experience how TelResource can elevate your business

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The top experts at your fingertips

Treat us as an extension of your team to supercharge everything while giving you more business critical time to focus on what you need to be focused on.

Our experts have been in the business for decades and have incredible education and foresight so they can have everything done for you.

Reach New Heights with your Telecom Expense Management

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