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Best Mobile Expense Reporting App

By March 7, 2019No Comments

If you travel for business in any capacity, you know how fast the receipts for expenses can pile up. And once you’ve been on the road for a while, the last thing you want to do when you return home is to have to sort and organize receipts and worry about the logistics of proper mobile expense reporting. To help simplify your life on the road, we’ve gathered information on three of the best mobile expense reporting applications on the market going into 2019 that will help manage your bills and receipts and help support your reimbursement process.

Expensify Provides Best Overall Results

The app allows you to track multiple mobile expense reports, manage and track receipts, and includes the ability to scan data in, eliminating the errors that might occur with manual data entry. The app can do all of this in real time, and submit the reports automatically. There is even an integrated itinerary function that helps manage travel plan changes and synchronizes any changes with your mobile device. In addition to corporate card reconciliation and next-day direct deposit of reimbursements and per diems, the application also integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite.

Zoho Expense Offers A Solid Suite of Support to Travelers

Known for the effectiveness of its business tools and IT solutions, Zoho’s Expense application has some great features for doing business from the road. You can pin receipts to the appropriate expense report, and record expenses in real time. You can easily categorize expenses as you enter them. The built-in GPS tracker works with your phone’s native Maps application to log mileage for business related travel. With the ability to connect credit cards and import transaction data, you can quickly batch expenses together and create full reports quickly and efficiently. The application will allow information to be gathered even while offline, and when connectivity is reestablished, it will sync back with the parent system and upload the necessary data.

SAP Concur Provides The Best Travel Expense Management

The companion app for Concur, SAP Concur is one of the best travel expense management applications on the market. The app supports full management of business meetings from a remote interface. Travel invoices can be approved remotely, and the app can be used to review and approve request for travel, add individuals to approved meetings or events, and manage each attendees itinerary as well. Credit card information can be imported directly, and bookings for flights, cabs, travel, hotels, and any other travel related expense can be booked through the application. It will even allow you to set event budgets so that when a booking has to be made, it will make appropriate suggestions based on the remaining money you’ve allotted.

Taking Expense Management to the Next Level in San Antonio

As a hub for healthcare and bioscience, aerospace, IT and cybersecurity, and the New Energy Economy, the San Antonio metropolitan area is the perfect place for a company like TelResource to hang its hat and call home. We provide mobile expense management services to San Antonio based companies looking to streamline their business practices and eliminate waste and loss in the form of improper expense management. And while our clients might come for the expense management services, they stay for our telecom auditing and project management services, allowing us to help save our clients thousands of dollars a year by eliminating unnecessary fees and services and ensuring telecom projects, one of the largest expenses in modern businesses, are properly managed and structured.

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