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How to Choose an Auditing Agency

By February 11, 2019No Comments

Running a business in the modern economy is more about showing up and switching on the lights in the morning. Organizations must be agile and adaptable, and employees throughout the organization must be able to wear multiple hats and successfully juggle a number of conflicting priorities. All of this to say that, somewhere, in your organization, someone is performing tasks for which they have neither the expertise nor the time to execute successfully or effectively. That’s where TelResource enters into the picture. Let’s talk about letting a company like TelResource act as your auditing agency, what that arrangement entails, and why it’s beneficial to the long-term financial success of your organization.

Telecom Expense Management

The overall goal of a great telecom expense management (TEM) program is to make sure your organization is properly leveraging your telecom solution to maximize your return on investment and that billing for those services is accurate. This process requires an accurate understanding of your IT inventory and matching it against the billing for each device and service. With companies coming to rely increasingly on telecom and information technology to remain competitive, the telecom expense management market is expected to become a $3.43 billion industry in 2019.

Recognizing When You Need Help

There’s a reason telecom expense management has blown up as an industry. Companies are overextending themselves and their employees. At TelResource, we use several factors to help our San Antonio clients recognize when it’s time to step aside and let us into the books.

First, when you’ve got your IT team, who should be monitoring your internal networks and securing your data, handling and negotiating with vendors your service contracts, your workers are over extended.

Another sign is when your invoicing starts including charges for services you don’t use, simply because they are bundled with services you do. In many cases, your bundling can be negotiated to be as specific to your business needs as you need it to be, not what the vendor decides to sell you.

Finally, there is the popular misconception that outsourcing to a telecom audit company that ends up finding thousands, perhaps even millions, in savings is in the process casting your organization in a negative light. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the ability as a leader to recognize and accept that there is in fact a gap in your business practices that can easily be closed through partnership is one that will in the long term put your organization at the head of the pack.

Justifiable Results

As a business operator, you’re likely cringing at the initial thought of allowing a third party to  enter into your operation and dig into – let along manage it in the long term- such a vital business component, but that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do. Your organization should be able to remain focused on maximizing client experience, from your front-line sales team to your back office accounting department.
This is where outsourcing TEM becomes a lucrative business solution to our clients. While your accounting team might understand telecom and technology billing and contractual arrangements, a contractual arrangement with TelResource means that our one and only focus is understanding your billing backwards and forwards and negotiating with vendors to eliminate excess costs. How much can such laser focus translate to in savings? In one case, we saved a client $190,000 in unnecessary fees over the course of 3 months. Another client, through renegotiating contracts across the board, saw savings over three years of more than $2.8 million.

Our process works.

Contact our certified auditing agency today to find out how much of an impact we can have on your organization’s bottom line and how we can help your team focus on providing your clients with the amazing service and experience they deserve.

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