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Do you recognize the 3 early warning signs of money hiding in between the pages of your invoices?

Warning Sign 1 : Wearing too many hats

Whether you’re a CEO, CFO, Telecom specialist or just someone who gets sh*t done, because of your high influence over others and many duties, it’s common to be over extended, wouldn’t you agree?

This over extendedness can produce a myriad of problems the least of which could be hidden telecom expenses and business cases, resulting in thousands, possibly millions of yearly revenue loss.

Warning Sign 2 : Underestimating how much you may actually have hiding between the pages of your invoices

Are you 100% sure that there is nothing left behind in those invoices? When was the last time you checked?

The savings are very often extraordinary for any business, especially for larger businesses.

Warning Sign 3 : You have this idea that outsourcing could make you look bad if they find thousands or perhaps millions of savings.

You have tremendous influence over others.  It’s safe to say that the people we work with are usually upper level management who have many duties and tasks that directly affect high level decisions on a daily basis.

With this comes the fear of looking bad if someone you or the business hires has not done all they can to save money.

How TelResource finds the hidden gems in your fees

Carriers bury different products and services inside your invoice, then bill you for one large amount making it difficult to sift through and understand. What we do is  identify every product and service from the carrier’s perspective and make sure the client is using it, knows what it is and needs to be paying for it; otherwise, we shut it off. 

Why use TelResource?

All the warning signs stated above lets you see how easily this can be handled to make you look even better, because you brought us in. Consider the reasons why TelResource saves millions upon millions for their clients every year.

  1.  You can have the luxury of a 30 year experienced team, with no obligations, no risk and no upfront costs. We use contingency based auditing. Meaning, if we don’t find anything to save, then we don’t get paid. And we ONLY get paid after you get paid. No exceptions.
  2. Having a centralized reporting system to handle the insane complexity of telecom billing, invoicing and contract agreements is an essential part of what we do for you. We wrangle everything up in our easy to review reports and analytics.
  3. We will go the distance and never give up on what is rightfully owed to you. We create a business case to get you your money back, money you never expected to see again.
  4. Software as a service can be very helpful, but you must understand the difference in having a software that scrapes only the surface of savings, whereas we find what’s hidden underneath the surface.

We resolved a business case in 10 months, when one company couldn’t do it in 2 years

Imagine you figure out through your brave diligence, after thoroughly looking through hundreds of invoices, billing pages and contracts that your company is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars from a carrier who has overcharged you for the past five years.

You work hard to draw up your business case to get your money back. You spend months calling and emailing, and then to your surprise, you find out the person you have been working with has been fired. After two years and a total of 5 turnovers you still have not resolved the case. Sound familiar?

Let us battle for you. This happened to one of our clients, and we resolved the business case in 10 months through our diligence, our network of connections and our constant dedication.

Software as a service versus a Telecom Team

Software as a service can be an excellent resource to grab low hanging fruit and scrub across a vast amount of information in a matter of seconds.

The drawback is understanding the sheer complexity of the telecom carriers and industry.

Each carrier has its own name for every piece of equipment, line item, service, and contract agreement guidelines. They can change hour to hour. A software simply cannot dive into this type of complexity.

You’re the hero. Not us.

Think about this. You bring us in. We take the workload off of you, and you avoid being dominated by telecom carriers. We help you save thousands/millions of dollars to free up funds for more important projects and you look like the hero.

See how easily we can start the process to save millions

All we need is to connect with whoever can get us access to the telecom billing information. The biggest hurdle we have encountered is trust. We understand that your private billing information is a sensitive affair and that it requires trust for you to let us in. The trust that we build with each of our clients is what ultimately helps us to grow as a referral based company. Consider this testimonial as your guide.

“The communication audit performed by TelResource has recovered significant dollars and will result in continued savings in the future. Tracy has done an outstanding job in both her diligent work and communication, keeping us apprised of progress. I would highly recommend TelResource as a partner for your needs.”

– David Mason,

Purchasing/IT Director

City of Kingsville, Texas

We don’t just turn a software on and leave it running

Software can be a great tool to help speed up certain processes and save on the “low hanging fruit,” but it shouldn’t be the end all be all. If you want the extra 0’s on the end of your ROI, pages need to be turned, one by one.

  • Contingency Based Auditing
  • No Upfront Investment
  • No Obligations
  • No Risk

How to find your savings now

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