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Telecom Project Management Solutions: On Budget, On Task

By September 21, 2018September 25th, 2018No Comments

An effective telecommunications strategy is essential to your organization’s success in an increasingly mobile economy. In order to provide your company the most agility and expand their communication capabilities to the fullest, it’s important to understand the services available on the market that are affordable, and many times, included in the cost of existing telecommunications programs.

Free Solutions, And Solutions You Already Bought

Telecommunications plans are complicated, convoluted, and full of “extra features.” The question is, are you getting the most out of your service as it stands and are you taking advantage of 3rd party solutions?

Chat as a Service

Chances are you outsourced the creation of your website. If you are service-based company or your site is designed to support ecommerce, chances are you have the option to include online chat functionality with either a live team or an automated service on the other side of the chat window. This is not only a payroll-reducing tactic in outsourcing customer service, but it also provides clients with 24/7 access to solutions and answers relative to the business they want to conduct with you. In this way, visits from customers looking for answers could be converted from lost revenue into invaluable sales conversions.

Internal Messaging and Email

Internal networks generally include email service as well as some form of internal instant messaging system. In the absence of either, there are low-cost subscription-based services that can be utilized. In order to avoid costly landline fees for unnecessary conference calls and services, utilize the existing email system or chat system to organize virtual meetings. Avoid unnecessary fees and just open a chat window.

Mobile Access

A major trend in the modern workforce is to allow employees to work remote just as effectively as if they were in the cubicle next to you. Most modern solutions allow remote access to company lines. Third party solutions like GoToMeeting and Zoom allow access to teleconferencing and conference calls through your company’s existing protocols.

Cloud Computing

Service providers who provide cloud computing alternatives open the door to allow you to begin truly offloading any telecommunications accountability that might be a part of your team, allowing you to repurpose manpower and resources to the business of doing business, rather than logistical better handled by third parties. Service providers offering these services offer a number of related value-added solutions around expanding your organization’s IT capabilities.

The Solution lies in Telecommunications Project Management

An experienced telecom project management service provider like TelResource can easily audit your existing services to maximize efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary costs. Without upfront fees, the company will review your telecommunications processes, and them work out a service plan to ensure you’re paying for what you are using, and cut unnecessary costs. Contact TelResource today to see how the company treats telecom project management as if it’s planning a wedding – with the end goal of success in mind from the very beginning of the business relationship.


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