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Imagine if your employees were “planning” a wedding on your time

A telecom project management nightmare

I think we can all agree that planning a wedding is notoriously difficult. You have at least 110 different variables. You have 10 months or even a couple of years to prepare and very often it still doesn’t go as planned.

Imagine your employees trying to do the job you are paying him/her to do, and they were planning a wedding on your time.

That is practically what you’re asking them to do when you ask them to help with telecom project management of a new location for your business.

What does ordering cable and services have to do with what you hired your people to do? 

Do you want them to spend that kind of time out of their daily schedules trying to get your services?  

If they’re not already familiar with scheduling and ordering telecom services how much more time is going to be wasted?

How Frank gets the project right every time 

“Is time money to you? Of course it is”

“How Telecom Project Management is just as time consuming as wedding planning”

The sheer amount of variables that need to be handled just for a wedding are staggering. Most people need at least 12 months to a couple years to prepare. Take a look at a short list for the 12th month – 

  • Choosing a date
  • Discovering your wedding style
  • Choosing your wedding party
  • Creating a wedding website or reference point
  • Get engagement ring insured
  • Begin compiling a guest list
  • Explore ceremony and reception venue options
  • Start assembling a team of wedding pros: videographer, photographer etc.
  • Browse wedding dress and veil styles
  • Get engagement photos taken

“What do you need to worry about in Telecom Project Management?”

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Is my new location just as important to me as a wedding?” most business owners would say hell yes. There is an extraordinary amount of commitment, time and money that must be managed for the future of the business to flourish.

Here are just a few things that you need to worry about with telecom project management

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Is the location ready for installation?
  • Wired Communication preparation
  • Negotiating with the carriers for the best deals
  • Hiring Vendors for each type of equipment
  • Maintaining vendor relationships
  • Making sure all vendors do a great job and are on time all throughout
  • Coordinating with construction personnel with each installation
  • Coordinating with telephone vendors
  • Building management for new location

Top 3 questions to ask yourself for each new project.

Remember these questions and make sure to have them answered before proceeding. They could save you thousands of dollars.

  1. Are vendors trustworthy? – Rogue vendors who recognize that people don’t know what they are doing when managing a project for telecom, will often take advantage of the situation by overpricing services. 
  2. What’s a fair price for everything? Determining the right price for the current market can be considerably difficult. You or whoever you choose will have to search out multiple people, ask for quotes and correspond over a restricted time period to make everything happen on time.
  3. Which Vendor should we choose? It shouldn’t only be based on price. Remember, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” But you don’t want to overpay either. So what’s your budget? How can you maximize it?

“I would like for them to think of us as an ally, who is truly on their side”

– Frank McCartney

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