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Types of Telecommunication Infrastructure

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Businesses must operate at the speed of the economy, and in order to do so successfully, they must deploy increasingly complex IT solutions across multiple channels. Deploying an effective telecommunication infrastructure, whether locally or on a global scale, can be a challenging endeavor, and requires the partnership of companies like TelResource who are experienced in managing complex telecom projects. Let’s talk about what some of those projects might look like and how best to put them into play.

Traditional Telecom Infrastructure

Focused on the building, management, and operation of voice networks, this is a service that once formed the backbone of the industry, but has fallen off as a primary service as mobile technology proliferates throughout the economy. In lieu of traditional voice networks, service providers have started to fold mobile services management into this category in order to keep up with client needs and provide value.

Cabling and Fiber Optics Infrastructure

A business is only as effective as the environment in which it operates allows them to be. Whether an office building or a factory, an effective network infrastructure is vital to the success of any organization. Telecommunications service providers that can wire a building for cable or fiber optics and create an effective network can be an invaluable resource to any business.

Telecommunications Expense Management

Telecommunications programs are complicated endeavors that include complex services and accounting requirements. Many companies are ill equipped to manage such in-depth services on their own. Telecommunications service providers provide a reprieve from additional complications in the day to day while also providing guidance and oversight of services to ensure your company is getting their money’s worth from the services they’ve contracted such as mobile and internet services .

Telecommunications Development and Design

Innovation is the name of the game and your organization’s network must be as nimble as possible to adapt and grow with your business’s changing needs. Telecommunications service providers can help to plan, implement, test, and revise changes to your network and IT capabilities in order to help support growth in your business model. Service providers can also help support global IT initiatives across your organization’s software and infrastructure, allowing convergence across voice, data, VOIP, internet connections, and other mediums.

Bells and Whistles of Partnership

Partnership with a telecommunications service provider ensures your IT infrastructure meets regulatory requirements and as a bonus, service providers provide their clients with access to media gateways, mobile portals, billing systems, expense audits, and other perks. TelResource provides clients with access to project management services that removes the burden of managing complex information technology and telecommunications projects off of your team and puts it into the hands of experienced professionals. It can even save your organization thousands in lost revenue due to excess billing from telecommunications related services. Reach out today to find out how TelResource, your Texas telecom resource, can help your organization save time and money and maximize your bottom line.

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