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Why It’s Time to Transition to Invoice Templates

By January 10, 2019No Comments

Nimble, adaptable business practices form the foundational core of successful companies in the modern economy. In the telecom industry, the ability to streamline processes is as powerful a tool for success as the strongest sales team. One aspect of business where efficiency is crucial and can have a significant financial impact is in the accounting department, where streamlined cash flow from effective telecom invoice processing can drive and support sustained long-term growth.

In fact, 56% of businesses view AP functions as either “very” or “exceptionally” valuable to organizational success. Efficiencies in the accounting department can be supported through the use of standardized telecom invoice templates that make collecting on services rendered simple through adaptability, accessibility, and proper structure. The time downloading and implementing templates is more than made up on the back end in processing and receiving payments.

Adaptable to Your Preferred Invoicing Methodology

To truly cater to the range of clients’ needs, you need to be able to invoice clients through methods that meet their needs and still adhere to your own internal accounting standards. Do you prefer the near-instantaneous and flexible nature of online payments? Do you have clients who need a longer window to make payments and prefer invoicing to be mailed? Regardless of whether you invoice via online portals, through the mail, or a mixture of methods, invoice templates allow you to invoice your clients on their terms in a manner that is uniform regardless of the medium.

Easy to Find, Easy to Implement, Accessible Anywhere

If your company can access the internet, you can easily find the adaptable, scalable invoice templates you need to simplify and streamline your invoicing processes. There is no need to hire an agency or task your creative teams to design branded, complicated documents. Free, customizable documents are easily found through a number of services online. There might be instances where a free template almost meets your requirements, but you might need to automate your process or find a way to manage invoicing. Many sources of free invoice templates online also offer premium versions of their templates that provide even more functionality at nominal pricing levels.

A Structured Approach to Your Invoicing Process

Invoicing, at the most basic level, is about providing a document to your clients that acts as a clearly defined covenant of payment – the services you’ve provided, how much you expect to be paid for providing these services, how you expect to receive payment, and when you expect to receive said payment. There’s little need for complicated, intricate, and over designed documents that include information beyond this information, as extraneous information can slow down the invoicing process and even lead to confusion as to the agreed upon terms.

Managed Services That Matter Most

To be successful in the telecom industry, you have to be as agile and adept as the technologies you manage and the services you provide. For companies outside of the telecom industry, the intricacies of telecom services management and invoicing aren’t necessarily in their wheelhouse of expertise. TelResource offers its clients expertise in all facets of telecom invoice processing and service management. Consult with the team to find out how TelResource can help your company streamline its telecom accounting processes, manage invoices more effectively, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

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